“Forest Therapy” in Shinanomachi

How about trying “forest therapy”?
You may have heard of “forest bathing” or “shinrin-yoku”, but forest therapy goes a step further such that a guide helps you enjoy much more benefit from the forest.
Here Shinanomachi is the pioneer place that developed forest therapy programs in the world, before the practice spread and gained popularity worldwide nowadays.

Treat your nose with the scent of branches and berries, challenge your legs in the icy cold stream, and give a little bite on the local medicinal plants… It has been proven that activating your sleeping five senses reduces your stress level, makes you feel relaxed, and even boosts the activity of immune cells in your blood!

Our standard half-day program offers you a relaxing 3-hour of stroll at Kurohime Highland or along Lake Nojiri.
For more active walkers, the refreshing one-day hiking to Naena Waterfall is recommended. The rumbling waterfall is the best reward for your weary legs.

Yoga, aroma therapy, and our special “healing lunchbox” are tempting options.

Shinanomachi is also a special place where, in mid-winter, you can have forest therapy in snowshoes or cross-country ski. The soft white mattress allows you walk just anywhere, just as far as you like. Tall branches bearing winter buds can only be observed closely at this time.

Indulge yourself in the night stay at one of the “healing lodges” certified by Shinanomachi town council, serving you with hearty dinner full of seasonal (and some wild) food, and relaxing atmosphere.

For more information on forest therapy and other programs, visit the website.