Winter is coming ♪

What is your plan for Christmas and New Year’s holidays?

Shinano town, located in the north Nagano,  has also been hit by the cold wave this time.

The winter of  one of the most snowy area in Japan is about to come without a doubt.

Although there are lots of hardships for living in the snowy area, such as snow shoveling and the prevention of the freezing of water pipe, there are  much more fun things in the life of the snowy country!

I would like to introduce you those fun things and the beautiful landscapes which you can see only in the cold winter.

Deep powder snow! The town for all snow lovers!

Tangram Ski Circus, which is located at the northwest face of the Mt.Madarao, is the paradice of high quality powder snow in their special tree run courses.

It’s actually the hidden gem in the Northern Nagano area.

Nojiriko Terrace is the observation lounge at the altitude of 1,100m in Tangram Ski Circus.

You can enjoy the wonderful scenery while having a delicious coffee at the lounge café.

There are also lots of activties and facilities abailable in Tangram, such as Snow Mobiling, Snow Rafting and an open air hot spring.



Kurohime Kougen Snow Park has one of the largest snow amusement park in Japan for families and kids.

Kids can have fun with a range of activities, such as strider bike, sledding, and bouldering.


The terrain park is also very popular from beginners to advanced skiers and snowboarders!

Various sizes of kickers, rails, and other park features are well maintained by park staff members.

A  cozy wooden BC café has opened last season!

There are much more in Shinano town, such as a vast area’s cross country ski course ” Fairy Tale Forest”, Snowshoeing in the serenity forests covered with snow, and a smelt fishing on a warm boat in Lake Nojiri.

You can enjoy the cross country skiing in the well maintained course of the Fairy Tale Forest.

The latest equipment rental is available !

Visiting the place where only accessible in winter by snowshoeing…


You can bring in any foods, confectionery, and alcoholic beverages to the fishing boats.


 Removing snow off the roof

Of course there are some hardships to live in snowy region…

In Shinano town, the total amount of snow pack is easily exceed  2 m in January and February.

It’s not unusual at all that it snows more than 40 cm during a night.

Also since the town located around the altitude of 700 m above sea level, the average temperature in the winter is around -3℃, and sometimes it gets -15 ℃.

Because of this, the snow remains for a long time.

Therefore, people need to remove the snow off the roof sometimes.


The snow piled up on a street is removed like this.

Furthermore, you may be able to see these beautiful and strange sceneries in the Shinano’s winter.

Snow capped elephant…!?

The sunset, Mt. Kurohime and the frozen Lake Nojiri.

Lastly, please watch the video of the Shinano’s winter to catch the clearer image!

The Shinano town shows amazing scenery all through the year, and the winter is also exceptional!

Come visit to encounter the beautiful landscapes and freezing cold winter in Shinano town!